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Couped up at home with a passion to eat good BBQ, I began to post on social media all of the food that we were cooking and eating as a family.
The DM's kept coming full of questions.

It was so much, I told my wife I should just create a separate IG account for BBQ.

She quickly made a logo and we didn't realize that was the first of many steps for

Marley Meats.

Like all things, it started with a dream.

Not a dream of having a food truck, but a literal dream, that I was selling ribs.

The next day, I went to the grocery store and they were BOGO. I took this as my sign and made a post to family and friends that I would be cooking extra for anyone who wanted them.  One ordered quickly turned into five, until eventually we outgrew our cooking equipment, our selves, and everything else.

One day, on a whim, while my wife was out of town. I saw a food truck for sale and went to go look at it. I had decided I wanted it, so I called my wife and told her I was about to make an offer on this food truck. She questioned me if I had asked the Lord (that's how we make all decisions in our house) and I realized that I had not. We both took all of 30 seconds to ask Him, and to her shock she got a "yes" and I was happy I did, too.

We bought our first truck, renovated it, and began selling on the weekends.
I eventually outgrew myself, hired employees to help, moved locations, and here we are now a year later, running a full crew, multiple days a week, with 2 custom trailers, learning ways to improve everyday, and ultimately letting God make all the decisions.


A huge thank you to those who have supported us, prayed for us, and used us to work or cater your events.

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